Tipps und Tricks

  • During the update from ISP server 7.1.6 or 8.1.0 to 7.1.9 or 8.1.5 and ISP baclient from 7.1.6 or 8.1.1 to 7.1.8.x or 8.1.4.x there might occur the problem that technical admin ids that run scripts from different ISP nodes might be set to Session_Security = STRICT. If the admin ID later is used by a node with version 7.1.6 / 8.1.1 or lower, the login will fail. The Sesssion_Security has to be reset to TRANSITIONAL to enable a new login attempt.
    This script ISP_Loop_reset_transitional will reset the session_security for a given admin ID every minute automatically.

  • When TSMManager 6.x is used with a mix of ISP server versions 7.1.6 / 8.1.0 and 7.1.9 / 8.1.5 it can happen that TSMManager reports updated servers as red. This is caused by the SSL encryption of all sessions. Even when a ISP client (dsmadmc) of version 8.1.4.x is installed TSMManager might fail to find it. Then it uses it's own installed version 5.2. To get the current version 8.1.4.x active you can replace the appfiles folder, that contains the 5.2 version, by a symbolic link to the current version :

    Stop the TSMManager services :
          tsmmanager (TSMManager Collector)
          TSMManagerAdmweb (TSMManager Aweb)
          TSMManagerCusweb (TSMManager Cweb)
    Open a command shell as Administrator :
    cd C:\Program Files (x86)\JamoDat\TMMgr_serv

    rename  appfiles appfiles.orig
    mklink /d appfiles "C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\"
    dir app*

    06/01/2018   12:00   <SYMLINKD>       appfiles  [C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient]
    06/01/2018   12:00   <DIR>            appfiles.orig
    After restarting the 3 TSMManager services all connections will be initiated by the current dsmadmc and so all servers will be available correctly again.